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Caturday hooray – featuring Cat vs. Pillow!

August 8th, 2009 07:50pm by flipvine

caturday - serious businessIts that time of the week again! Cat-urday!  And today we’ve got serious business to take care of.  But first, here is a list of our previous caturday posts:


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Pet Strollers – pet obesity predicted to increase 10-fold

August 1st, 2009 07:36pm by flipvine

Kittiwalk Royale One Touch Pet Stroller

I was talking to my friend Nimble (nicknames used to protect the innocent) yesterday over some beers.  She said the dog she adopted with her boyfriend recently is a ton of work to take care of.  In fact, she was telling me that its as much work as taking care of a baby.  I’ve never had a dog.. or a baby for that matter.. so I can neither confirm or deny this.  But I recently came across a website that sells pet strollers – and I’m pretty sure the folks that get a stroller for their pet are thinking one of two things.  The first is that their pet is a baby.  The second is that by jogging with a pet stroller they’ll be able to get more exercise by dragging their pet around in a stroller while they jog/speedwalk/crawl.  The obvious exception to those two is pet owners with pets that are sick or unable to get some fresh air themselves.


For the ultimate off-road pet experience, Jeep pet strollers!

So yeah, ridiculous, right?  I mean, babies in Manhattan don’t get that kind of insulated bubble-stroller pampering. And get ready for more ridiculosity – guess which car company makes strollers? Jeep! Yeah, no joke here.. take a look at the fancy jogging stroller over here on the left.  I mean, dogs are typically off-road kinda animals, they don’t need a 4-wheel drive stroller powered by a human to get around.  But I guess some pet owners want to baby their dogs this much, so .. eh?!

So, you know what happens when you start pampering your pets like this?  They get fat.  I predict that pet obesity is going to increase 10-fold if pet strollers become more common.  Unfortunately most pet strollers have a weight limit of 30 pounds for pets.  So undoubtedly, Hummer will start producing fat-pet-SUV-strollers soon.

Here are some images of ridiculously obese cats taken from an article on Pet’s Best Insurance. Enjoy the caturday freak-show:

PrincessMeet Princess Chunk, who .. get this .. is a homeless cat that was found in New Jersey. Appropriate name, for sure.  I just don’t understand how a homeless cat could get that fat.  Maybe it has to do with Soprano’s style excess in New Jersey where the dumpsters have enough food to get a cat to this size.  I dunno.


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Cat scans and mesothelioma commercials

July 28th, 2009 06:51pm by flipvine

thoughtful-catDamnit, we missed caturday again last weekend.  Oh well, in any case, you can consider this your caturday mid-week fill-up.  Here are some links to previous caturdays:

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In any case, onto the subject of the day.  I’ve been seeing an increase in the number of mesothelioma (cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) commercials recently. Don’t know why, but I figured I’d just randomly see if cats can get mesothelioma as well.  Apparently, feline mesothelioma does indeed happen, and it usually means trouble for the cat’s owner because they were probably exposed as well.  To make light of an otherwise sad subject, here are some Cat Scan pictures for you…


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Cat-urday on Sunday – 12 lolcats for you to enjoy

July 19th, 2009 09:30pm by flipvine

Yes, yes, for the second week in a row due to “the man” sticking it to me and making me work through the weekend, Caturday has had to be moved to Sunday. (actually last week I think it was on Monday.. yikes).  In any case, here are links to the two previous caturdays we’ve hosted, in case you need to go back and reminisce.

Those crazy cats are at it again.
The first motivational cat-urday.

And now for this week’s Caturday mayhem:

Those yummy yummy kittehs

Those yummy yummy kittehs


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Those crazy cats are at it again – 16 cattacular pics

July 13th, 2009 01:34am by flipvine

For those of you who enjoy a good chuckle, here’s a collection of cat pictures (sorry, we forgot to celebrate caturday this saturday, but we’re sure this collection of pics will more than make up for it:


Sometimes life just isn't fair


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