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The McGangBang – a burger sensation

July 2nd, 2009 03:14am by flipvine

dirty filthy mcgangbangAs a followup to our McDonalds and Burgers – unnerving expose into the underbelly of America post we’ve decided to further investigate the culture, traditions and rituals of burger-lovers. Today we touch upon an especially troubling ritual that has come to bear the name “McGangBang“.  It was first brought to our attention by the burger historians at Eat Me Daily, who have chronicled the evolution of the McGangBang from its prehistoric roots (May 26, 2006) to present times – feel free to read through it and do your own research, as the topic is not only fascinating.  But beware, just reading about it could clog your arteries and possibly cause nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, heart-burn, vomitting, headaches, lack of sex-drive, weight-gain – and may even cause tooth decay!!

If you’re still not afraid, read on for the glorious, gory details:

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McDonalds and Burgers – unnerving expose into the underbelly of America

June 30th, 2009 07:47pm by flipvine

fatkid-mcdonaldsmichelin-manLets face it, America is a nation of excess.  Take a look at the kid on the right over here.  He’s gonna grow up to be the Michelin Man, but right now he’s eating at McDonalds!

In any case, I’ll save the monologue for when I have a show just like Steve Colbert – but for now read on for an unnerving expose into the dark underbelly of America, our addiction to McDonalds and BURGERS!


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