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Cat scans and mesothelioma commercials

July 28th, 2009 06:51pm by flipvine

thoughtful-catDamnit, we missed caturday again last weekend.  Oh well, in any case, you can consider this your caturday mid-week fill-up.  Here are some links to previous caturdays:

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In any case, onto the subject of the day.  I’ve been seeing an increase in the number of mesothelioma (cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) commercials recently. Don’t know why, but I figured I’d just randomly see if cats can get mesothelioma as well.  Apparently, feline mesothelioma does indeed happen, and it usually means trouble for the cat’s owner because they were probably exposed as well.  To make light of an otherwise sad subject, here are some Cat Scan pictures for you…


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