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Unko San – New Japanese anime about a lucky turd-shaped fairy.

August 15th, 2009 12:44pm by flipvine


Just read about a new Japanese anime show that’s about a lucky poop-shaped fairy.

“Unko-san,” a new anime series about a brown turd-shaped fairy with lots of luck, is fast becoming the rage among high school girls in western Japan. Short episodes of the anime are now showing in the Osaka area on Kansai TV’s “Otoemon” music program. The stories revolve around Unko-san — whose name is a play on the Japanese words for “luck” (un) and “crap” (unko) — and his quest for happiness on Lucky Island, which is populated by a host of other poo fairies.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Or maybe I can try to sell my own turds on eBay – you know – pass them off as characters from the show?  Here’s a link to the official site (I think that’s the official site – can’t read Japanese :( ) .. which looks like it offers poop-shaped bean-bags, pillows, and even poop-necklaces!  Also check out another blog post covering the show on


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“Street People” homeless beauty and fashion photo book

July 25th, 2009 09:59pm by flipvine

Street PeopleThe Mainichi Daily News reports that:

Photojournalist Hideaki Takamatsu has published a photo book of homeless people in Japan, in hopes of breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

Titled “Street People” and released by Taro Jiro Co., the photo collection portrays the homeless just as they are — in their regular outfits and settlements. Readers of the volume will not see the homeless as pathetic, but as rather fashionable.

I don’t know what the homeless are like in Japan – clearly for some reason its quite a different situation for them over there than for the homeless in New York City for instance.  “Rather fashionable?” That’s like “sorry you lost your home, but at least you still have all those clothes sitting around in the box you live in.” … “Oh, and when I come to shoot photos of you, could you make sure to take your time getting ready and making yourself fashionable and such – I mean, you don’t have a job to go to, so lots of free time!”  The whole premise stinks like a hypocritical joke of a photo book, but I’m not homeless, so what do I know.

Among the 85 subjects pictured in the photo collection are street people who pose like models, with a hand on one hip or casting a sidelong glance. “I tried to get the most out of each person’s appeal,” he says.

Wonderful, I guess making light of the situation and making the homeless pose like models is sure to meet his end goal, and I kid you not, this is an actual quote out of the article which I take to mean this photographer actually said it:

“I wanted to make a photo book that can attract young women,” says Takamatsu.

Ok, I get it now.. this guy just wanted to get some play, so he took pictures of homeless people for 15 years and published a book with 85 selected photos of them.  He says he considers the homeless his good friends now.

I certainly hope he’ll give copies of this coffee table photo book to his homeless friends.  So they can put it on their imaginary coffee tables and look at it while reminiscing about the nice photographer that came and asked them permission to take their pictures.  Heck, maybe one of them is a young woman who’ll be attracted by the book so this photo dude can get laid.

Bizzare, that’s all I can say.

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Japanese railway to make workers take Smile Test

July 8th, 2009 12:52am by flipvine

20090704p2a00m0na001000p_size5Ok, the Japanese have done it again!  According to the Mainichi Daily News:

Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. has introduced a “Smile Scan” system to evaluate the grins of its station staff.

why-so-serious-the-joker-3122768-1024-768I shit you not.  They have a computer checking up on the quality of their employee’s smiles.  I smell the distinct scent of the Joker!

But in all seriousness, I’ve always wondered how Japanese employees can put up with this kind of tom-foolery being perpetrated by their employers?  I mean, we’ve got Office Space making fun of little things like “pieces of flare” at Bennigans, or Shananigans, or whatever the restaurant in the movie was called.  I guess in Japan there’s no pop-culture civil disobedience.  Either that or the employees are somehow actually happy to take part in this kind of BS.  Weird.  Here’s more:

The smile-measuring software has been developed by Kyoto-based precision equipment maker Omron Corp. The device analyzes the facial characteristics of a person, including eye movements, lip curves and wrinkles, and rates a smile on a scale between 0 and 100 percent using a camera and computer.

For those with low scores, advice like “You still look too serious,” or “Lift up your mouth corners,” will be displayed on the screen.

Some 530 employees of the Tokyo-based railway company will check their smiles with Smile Scan before starting work each day. They will print out and carry around an image of their best smile in an attempt to remember it.

We emailed Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. and they sent us the following pictures, which they use to calibrate the 0 to 100 percent scale:

0 percent

0 percent

100 percent

100 percent

I don’t know if I’d rather have train conductors look like the one on the left or the one on the right..

So in order to help improve their system, we sent them our own proven best-of-breed tried-and-true smile chart.


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July 1st, 2009 07:50pm by sinkpock


What the fuck. Note cat on bottom left.


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