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Who said dogs do it any different than we do?

November 24th, 2009 03:51pm by stikkemmup

Terriers do it too…

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A reason to stop drinking

September 10th, 2009 03:07pm by flipvine

A friend of mine just sent me this excellent joke:

A depressed-looking regular enters a bar and orders a Coke.

The bartender asks why he doesn’t want his usual shot of whiskey.

“I quit drinking” the man replies. Last night I blew chunks.

What’s so horrible about that?” the bartender asks. Everyone gets sick once in a while after a long night of drinking

“No, no,” the man replies. “You don’t understand. Chunks is my dog”

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What do puppies and kids have in common?

August 15th, 2009 07:01pm by flipvine

There’s no telling where they’re gonna pee next.



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MicroChihuahuas, Mang

August 6th, 2009 08:46pm by sinkpock

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Pet Strollers – pet obesity predicted to increase 10-fold

August 1st, 2009 07:36pm by flipvine

Kittiwalk Royale One Touch Pet Stroller

I was talking to my friend Nimble (nicknames used to protect the innocent) yesterday over some beers.  She said the dog she adopted with her boyfriend recently is a ton of work to take care of.  In fact, she was telling me that its as much work as taking care of a baby.  I’ve never had a dog.. or a baby for that matter.. so I can neither confirm or deny this.  But I recently came across a website that sells pet strollers – and I’m pretty sure the folks that get a stroller for their pet are thinking one of two things.  The first is that their pet is a baby.  The second is that by jogging with a pet stroller they’ll be able to get more exercise by dragging their pet around in a stroller while they jog/speedwalk/crawl.  The obvious exception to those two is pet owners with pets that are sick or unable to get some fresh air themselves.


For the ultimate off-road pet experience, Jeep pet strollers!

So yeah, ridiculous, right?  I mean, babies in Manhattan don’t get that kind of insulated bubble-stroller pampering. And get ready for more ridiculosity – guess which car company makes strollers? Jeep! Yeah, no joke here.. take a look at the fancy jogging stroller over here on the left.  I mean, dogs are typically off-road kinda animals, they don’t need a 4-wheel drive stroller powered by a human to get around.  But I guess some pet owners want to baby their dogs this much, so .. eh?!

So, you know what happens when you start pampering your pets like this?  They get fat.  I predict that pet obesity is going to increase 10-fold if pet strollers become more common.  Unfortunately most pet strollers have a weight limit of 30 pounds for pets.  So undoubtedly, Hummer will start producing fat-pet-SUV-strollers soon.

Here are some images of ridiculously obese cats taken from an article on Pet’s Best Insurance. Enjoy the caturday freak-show:

PrincessMeet Princess Chunk, who .. get this .. is a homeless cat that was found in New Jersey. Appropriate name, for sure.  I just don’t understand how a homeless cat could get that fat.  Maybe it has to do with Soprano’s style excess in New Jersey where the dumpsters have enough food to get a cat to this size.  I dunno.


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