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Trucker’s Delight music video – animated perfection

January 17th, 2010 05:21pm by flipvine

What a music video, definitely in my top 10 music videos of all time, where on your list is it?

FLAIRS – TRUCKERS DELIGHT from 3rd Side Records on Vimeo.

Popularity: 4%


June 10th, 2009 08:15pm by flipvine

gemcraft-1716gemcraft-chapter-0-3527Here’s a fun game for you to play – GemCraft : Chapter 1 – The Forgotten.  And once you’re done with that, play GemCraft : Chapter 0. The game’s creators – Armor Games – decided to release a “prequel” to the game instead of the promised GemCraft Chapter 2 “sequel”, confusing everyone in the process.  I originally bumped into the game while checking out the MTV Arcade.  This little flash game-o will keep you clickin’ for hours on end.

Popularity: 1%