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Demotivation poster Sunday – roflmao

June 14th, 2009 06:20pm by flipvine

For some weird reason I can’t stop laughing today, must be all the demotivation posters I’ve been finding.  He’s a little collection of some of the choicest choices: ;)


This one had me cracking up for a good 10 minutes, I’m still chuckling as I type this.

Want more? You got more.  I’m gonna have to limit myself to a maximum of 5 posters per blog post so the quality of material doesn’t degrade ;)


OK, true, that one’s a little weak, would be much better with Alanis Morrissette instead of some random dude in that picture.


Yes, yes, typical – although I have to admit, a Krispy Kreme Fund Raising van does look pretty suspicious in a “Super Troopers” kind of way.


I don’t advacate violence against animals, nor playing tennis with them. But common, if this one doesn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing your heiny off, then … well … take a look at this next one:


Yes, not only is that one funny, its also quite demotivational!

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