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July 6th, 2009 07:37pm by sinkpock
vagina near armpit - shave it all in one shot

vagina near armpit - shave it all in one shot

Belly-button lint anyone?

Belly-button lint anyone?


funny-tattoo 2

For her sake, I hope that's bodypaint and not tattoos - when she gets old those dogs will sag / droop in a bad way




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One Response to “Tattoos”

  1. Tattoo Girl says:

    I love tattoos and don’t for a minute regret having any of them, I’m currently getting a angel tattoo done down my right arm can’t wait to get it all done! as can only afford shortsittings at a time. My artist is extremly good and also extremly expensive but, he’s worth it! Great site btw

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