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Chinese New Year ?

December 5th, 2009 07:41pm by sinkpock


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The Rack Trap – your purse will thank you

July 19th, 2009 04:26pm by flipvine

racktrapWhaaaat? Thats right, if you’re a guy, you may not have to carry as much of your girlfriend’s junk around in your pockets when she decides not to bring a purse.  And if you’re a girl, you might not .. well.. have to jam as much junk in your purse as you usually do.  Basically its a little padded pocket that a woman (or a cross-dressing man I suppose) puts in the cozy little spot between the bra and the breast.  Depending on bra size I guess you could fit anything from a drivers license and some cash to all the store credit cards and coupons some women seem to store in their wallets.

I would think this would cause some weird-looking bra-lines and questions like “Is that a rack trap in your bra, or are you just happy to see me?”  But I suppose that’s not as weird as having muggers tell you to take empty your bra when you’re getting held up.


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The McGangBang – a burger sensation

July 2nd, 2009 03:14am by flipvine

dirty filthy mcgangbangAs a followup to our McDonalds and Burgers – unnerving expose into the underbelly of America post we’ve decided to further investigate the culture, traditions and rituals of burger-lovers. Today we touch upon an especially troubling ritual that has come to bear the name “McGangBang“.  It was first brought to our attention by the burger historians at Eat Me Daily, who have chronicled the evolution of the McGangBang from its prehistoric roots (May 26, 2006) to present times – feel free to read through it and do your own research, as the topic is not only fascinating.  But beware, just reading about it could clog your arteries and possibly cause nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, heart-burn, vomitting, headaches, lack of sex-drive, weight-gain – and may even cause tooth decay!!

If you’re still not afraid, read on for the glorious, gory details:

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ibarkd – but did you meow? plus barking cats!

June 24th, 2009 07:53pm by flipvine

ibarkd.logoThere’s a microblogging (Twitter-clone in other words) site called – basically a place for you to pretend that you’re your pet dog and bark about whatever you think your pet is barking about.

My first question is, why haven’t they started as well? The domain is available – why discriminate against cats like this?  I mean, I’m allergic to the little beasts, but that doesn’t mean I won’t start an imeowd site if i was starting an ibarkd site! Sheesh..

So, I present to you an argument for the equality of cats and dogs in this Twitter-ful world:

There you go – a barking cat. Either that or its “yapping” – ala talking the way Twitter makes you want to communicate – in 140 character bursts ;)

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