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Chocolate P(arty|enis) Hats

July 2nd, 2009 10:53pm by flipvine
Cowboy, Viking and Tophat respectively

Cowboy, Viking and Tophat respectively

As part of my research for the McGangBang post, I came across some coverage of the topic on Chocolate Party Hats’ blog that says its more appropriate to call it a McThreeSome. So, intrigued by the name of the site, I read the guy’s post – here’s a quote:

I love food…oh really Dick? You invented that goddamn chocolate DickHat for cripes sake! Yeah, but I really wish I had invented the McGangBang.

So, I proceeded to investigate.  Apparently, Chocolate Party Hats (I suppose Chocolate Penis Hats are harder to get search engine hits for, although you also have – eh) .. where was I, oh yeah .. Chocolate Party Hats are basically little hats (you can’t specify a size when placing an order on the site, so I assume this is some sort of one-size-fits-all deal) that you put on your dick before the lady (and we know all girls love chocolate .. I guess that’s the thinking behind this?) eats it.

Here’s another quote from the Chocolate Penis .. err.. Party Hats site:

Add excitement and flavor to your next bedroom adventure!

Looking to spice things up a bit with your lover? Since February 2008 well over 1000 people have topped their members with a flavored fashion statement that is made of the Lamborghini of chocolates called Callebaut. It is the smoothest sweet dark imported Belgian chocolate you or your lover will ever put in their mouth! Go ahead and try one or two of our fashionably hilarious styles today.


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