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Bible Warnings and Bible Spoilers

July 16th, 2009 12:08pm by flipvine

Yesterday we touched on the very important subject of updating some of our most popular literature to be current with the time. Lets just say if I was being cross-examined by senators for the job of being a supreme court justice, I would most certainly mention the LOLCat Bible Translation project at least three times.. per day of questioning.. before and after lunch.  Anyways, lets get back to the subject at hand – The Holy *@#$^@! (shit, sorry, sorry, my tea kettle just scared the crap out of me with its whistle) Bible.  Ahem, where was I .. oh yes.. so the Bible I think requires some decent warnings, maybe a NSFW label, or an NC-17 film rating (Mel, how’d you get away with an R rating for your snuff flick, shieeet), or at least an M or A ESRB rating if it was made into a game.  So without further ado..


Heh, I wish warning labels were as common on bibles as they are on cigarette packs


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