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Bible Warnings and Bible Spoilers

July 16th, 2009 12:08pm by flipvine

Yesterday we touched on the very important subject of updating some of our most popular literature to be current with the time. Lets just say if I was being cross-examined by senators for the job of being a supreme court justice, I would most certainly mention the LOLCat Bible Translation project at least three times.. per day of questioning.. before and after lunch.  Anyways, lets get back to the subject at hand – The Holy *@#$^@! (shit, sorry, sorry, my tea kettle just scared the crap out of me with its whistle) Bible.  Ahem, where was I .. oh yes.. so the Bible I think requires some decent warnings, maybe a NSFW label, or an NC-17 film rating (Mel, how’d you get away with an R rating for your snuff flick, shieeet), or at least an M or A ESRB rating if it was made into a game.  So without further ado..


Heh, I wish warning labels were as common on bibles as they are on cigarette packs


As an exercise, feel free to click on the demotivational poster above, and put your own words to the picture.

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