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Cute sleepy animals, pretty sweet commercial.. wait WHAT?

October 10th, 2009 08:41pm by flipvine

Can anybody tell me what the logic behind these commercials is? I mean, I just don’t get it. Doesn’t get through to me at all.. i feel like the last 5 seconds of each commercial is pretty sufficient. I don’t mind all the little animals, but it just doesn’t seem like a good use of advertising time to me.

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4 Responses to “Cute sleepy animals, pretty sweet commercial.. wait WHAT?”

  1. causeiambetta says:

    these two commercials are the ‘juxtoposition’ type that is a play off the brand name of ‘Sweet Millions’

    theres 2 parts:

    1) Childlike bliss, with ultra cute animals in costumes and scenes from idealized childhood set to children’s music

    2) Ultra deep Adult voice, no music, talking about Money. Jarring crash sound effect and harsh neon lighting

    So you have a lull created to evoke nostalgia of child times then a return to adulthood with serious topic of money. Because thats whats important/meaningful now. Heres where the wordplay with the word ’sweet,’ in ‘Sweet Million is sweet.’ etc

    You’re no longer a kid who’d be happy with carnivals/sleepovers with friends & family but an adult for who only money will do. And the best way to get that money is through the lottery. Cause getting money without working is sweet.

    • flipvine says:

      Good explanation – you sound like a freakin’ ad account exec justifying why the commercial is good. I mean, I know WHY they did it the way they did it (except you spelled juxtaposition wrong lol) – but I think they would’ve gotten the point across just as well with just the last 10 seconds of the commercial – at least to me. But I don’t gamble and don’t play the lottery, so maybe the rest of the commercial is needed for the folks that like to be coaxed out of their slots addiction and into a nice sweet millions lottery addiction ;) ;)

      • causeiambetta says:

        Fan of the one armed bandit?! Me, its blackjack. Lottery odds are what? Billions to 1 to win?
        yeah i’m big into marketing and not spelling, hah.

        • flipvine says:

          Well, the thing is, what you really have to look at is not only odds but odds compared to potential winnings. What are the odds of playing blackjack starting with the cost of a lottery ticket and winning until you get the amount of the lottery payoff?

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