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Animals riding animals – pictures for animal lovers ;)

June 26th, 2009 05:11pm by flipvine


Lets recap our fascinating coverage of animals riding animals .. or I guess what we’ll call our “Animal Channel”:

As demonstrated in the picture on the left, we’ve seen cats-on-roosters, or as our Animal Correspondent Popzikle pointed out its “a cute pussy riding a big cock” or something like that.

We also covered barking cats, gorillas with knives, cock-a-toos and cats, and dogs riding bicycles – well, actually riding humans on bicycles.

Now, you can rejoice – we have a round-up of pictures of animals riding animals, just for you – you animal lover you – and I don’t mean that in a “loving sheep at the ole’ sheep farm” kind of way, you perv!

So read on for more..

I'm Gonna Bust That Ass

I'm Gonna Bust That Ass


Cats riding dogs - in style I might add, that's quite the harness ;)


Mice riding cats - or giving them massages or something.


Finally, dogs riding donkeys - or maybe that's a dog riding an ass?

Comment with your favorite perv or smart-ass remarks or perhaps go use our super-top-secret not-yet-released-to-the-public Motivational / Demotivational Poster Maker to make some properly captioned animals riding animals posters ;)

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4 Responses to “Animals riding animals – pictures for animal lovers ;)”

  1. Akon says:

    HAHAHHA – A mouse riding a cat?! Seriously?! WOWWWW

  2. popzikle says:

    did you ever see my cat monkey bird pictures from iquitos, peru?

  3. flipvine says:

    alright, which one of you added that “bust that ass” picture.. popzikle? sinkpock? ;)

    clearly that should be a donkey and not a dog..

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