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The Joy of Sound (and related websites)

January 27th, 2010 08:33pm by flipvine

vaderNote, I didn’t say joy-ous sounds, in fact, these sites are pretty much not joyous at all.  But you will enjoy them.

First up is Vader’s blue button, only press it in dire situations (I recommend turning the volume up and pressing it at work, then quickly closing the web browser and muting your computer – and pretending like nothing happened).  There’s also another take on this one – Vader Loves Christmas.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan, but rather a fan of Star Trek, there’s the famous Khaaan! sound.

Umm, lets see.. if you frequently experience high levels of drama in your life, there’s the Drama Button.

And to finish up this auditory twilight zone experience, we’ve got two versions of a nice Sad Trombone which is also known as the sound of failure.


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Stormtroopers Know How to Have Fun – 12 pics that prove it

July 14th, 2009 08:47pm by flipvine

stormtroopers_09Underneath the cold, menacing exterior, Stormtroopers are just like the rest of us.  I mean, after a long day of participating in Star Wars, beating down rebels left and right, getting blown up in the Death Star, pounced on by Ewoks, etc. – a dude just has to have some way of chillaxin’.

So we decided to gather some candid shots of the softer, gentler, cooler, hipper side of the average man-in-white-with-a-frowny-face-mask.  Enjoy!

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