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July 1st, 2009 07:50pm by sinkpock

What the fuck. Note cat on bottom left.

Engrish Doorbell

Engrish Doorbell

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6 Responses to “Japanese”

  1. flipvine says:




    is that thing ejaculating fighting kittens?

  2. stultzie says:

    the cat

    nevermind the rainbow cum shot

  3. flipvine says:

    i also see lots of matrix fetuses, and you see the dog and cats sleeping on her head?

  4. sinkpock says:

    alien chestburster mouth snapper too coming out the mouth ftw

  5. flipvine says:

    wow, that took me a while.. i’m not so good at Engrish..

    BIRTH SOUND = BIRD SOUND???? dats weirth

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