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Did you know that Bhabhi means MILF in India?

July 31st, 2009 10:05pm by flipvine
You had me at ding-dong!

You had me at ding-dong!

This was news to me, but apparently pornography isn’t allowed in India.  Additionally, the word for MILF in india is Bhabhi!  How do I know this?  Well, I went to India and tried to pick up some hot married women at a little neighborhood bar.  After 5 failed attempts and 8 bottles of Kingfisher, I was clued in by some locals that I should be asking for a Bhabhi!  No, I’m kidding, I’ve never been to India.  Actually, a faithful reader of flipvine, who shall remain anonymous (hi Jess! thanks for sending this in), emailed in a link to an article entitled “India’s first porn start dead?“  This of course sounded incredibly ordinary (I’m thinking old chick w/ super saggy tits who was a porn star in India in lets say the 50s or something, dies of natural causes, etc, etc..).  After giving it a read-over, a couple of interesting facts emerged:

Thanks to an anonymous group of computer geeks, India’s first international internet porn star is fast becoming this conservative country’s answer to Wonder Woman — and Monica Lewinsky.

But here’s the trick: The steamy web seductress is a cartoon.

So I’m thinking Hentai-style anime/manga kinda thing.  But no, ladies end gentlemen, this is a cultural phenomenon.

Though pornography is illegal in India, Savita Bhabhi’s sexual misadventures, published on with scripts based on fantasies submitted by fans, have attracted a huge following, according to one of the strip’s anonymous creators, who goes by the screen name Deshmukh.


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