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“Gorilla” Warfare?

June 22nd, 2009 01:47pm by stultzie

cgy-gorilla-knife“Onlookers at the Calgary Zoo were shocked Tuesday when a western lowland gorilla picked up a knife and pointed it at a troop mate…”

“Laurie Herron, spokeswoman for the Calgary Zoo, said the knife was accidentally left by one of the gorilla keepers who was cleaning out the exhibit…”

When I’m cleaning around the house I leave random things laying around, sure. Things like my cell phone (because it’s always in my hand), lip gloss (because I compulsively reapply every 5-7 minutes), maybe a beverage even, but a knife? Pretty big “whoopsie” considering the environment. In all fairness, none of the animals were injured and the person responsible claims to feel horrible, BUT…

“Earlier this year, zoo officials admitted it was human error (a lack of oxygen) that was likely the main cause for the suffocation deaths of 41 cow nose rays.”



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