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Animals riding animals – pictures for animal lovers ;)

June 26th, 2009 05:11pm by flipvine


Lets recap our fascinating coverage of animals riding animals .. or I guess what we’ll call our “Animal Channel”:

As demonstrated in the picture on the left, we’ve seen cats-on-roosters, or as our Animal Correspondent Popzikle pointed out its “a cute pussy riding a big cock” or something like that.

We also covered barking cats, gorillas with knives, cock-a-toos and cats, and dogs riding bicycles – well, actually riding humans on bicycles.

Now, you can rejoice – we have a round-up of pictures of animals riding animals, just for you – you animal lover you – and I don’t mean that in a “loving sheep at the ole’ sheep farm” kind of way, you perv!

So read on for more..


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ibarkd – but did you meow? plus barking cats!

June 24th, 2009 07:53pm by flipvine

ibarkd.logoThere’s a microblogging (Twitter-clone in other words) site called – basically a place for you to pretend that you’re your pet dog and bark about whatever you think your pet is barking about.

My first question is, why haven’t they started as well? The domain is available – why discriminate against cats like this?  I mean, I’m allergic to the little beasts, but that doesn’t mean I won’t start an imeowd site if i was starting an ibarkd site! Sheesh..

So, I present to you an argument for the equality of cats and dogs in this Twitter-ful world:

There you go – a barking cat. Either that or its “yapping” – ala talking the way Twitter makes you want to communicate – in 140 character bursts ;)

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