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Sprinkler System

August 4th, 2009 07:22am by sinkpock

absolute genius.

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5 Responses to “Sprinkler System”

  1. sinkpock says:

    i want one to water my plants

  2. popzikle says:

    Santorum Sprinklers International

  3. cuntshovel says:

    The SSI Name Is Synonymous With Many Next-Generation Ceiling Whores With Spitting Anus, Such As The SprayingRing Plus+â„¢ Seen Here. This Model Is Designed With SSI In Mind, But Is Much More Highly Advanced.

    SprayingRing Has A Precision Gut Valve Which Is Fully Adjustable For Foam Streaming, Explosive Liquid Burst, Or Power Coiling. SprayingRing’s Founder, T. SwollenCruller II, says “SSI Will Always Be The Foundation Of Our Work”. As Of 2009, SprayingRing Has Sold Over 50 Million Units In The US Alone.
    That’s One Million Spinning Whores Spitting AssChunks Per State. Soon, We’ll Be In A World Of Shit.

    History Of Spinning Whores With Spitting Anus:

    Santorum Sprinklers International, LLC (SSI), Founded In 1989 By Mike Hunt & Jack MeHoff, and Maintained by Hugh G. Rection.

    SSI Sold A Commercially Installed Harnesses With Whore, Ceiling Mounted And Guts Filled.
    The Customer Could Chose From Near Dead, Already Dead, Or Fresh Out The Box Body.

    SSI Went Bankrupt In 2009 Due To Legal Issues Involving Its Product, The ShitSprinklerâ„¢.Too Many Customers Were Reporting Life-Threatening Symptoms; Specifically Reverse-Internal Rotting Carcass Syndrome. The Design Was Simply Not Intended For The Rectal Rigor It Would Be Put Through.

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