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The week in review

August 1st, 2009 04:43pm by flipvine

Came across too much interesting stuff this week to write a full blog post about everything.  So I’m gonna post a few of them with little writeups here for your linkage pleasure: rzwi5tudhq

The best reaction ever – ladies and gentlemen, concert/festival season is upon us.  bestreacti54036Unfortunately, there are things out there that produce reactions such as the one you see in the image on the right.  Click and find out what caused that award-winning face.  I’ll give you three hints of what its not: its not the ShamWow guy wiping up the mess left by a hooker, its not a bunch of cracked out naked dudes in a pool, its not even a bunch of drunk fools operating on each other at home.

Thailand_07_28_09_Winn_supernatural_editI had no idea there were places in the world where superstitions and the occult ran as rampant as.. hmm.. memes on the Internet.  But it looks like in Thailand the supernatural gets politicians votes and is pretty much the engine oil of society. Yeah, its that bad, here’s a quote:

The Thai press already mines humor from the more-absurd displays — and got great mileage when a former prime minister’s wife, on a soothsayer’s advice, carried around a plush toy elephant clad in diamond earrings and a lacy wedding dress.

milesfisherIf you’re a fan of American Psycho or The Talking Heads, you’ll want to check out this excellent music video by Miles Fisher – you can download his music on his site for free btw.  The guy looks like he’s into acting as well, so I’m looking forward to some more quality videos from him.  And since he already looks like Christian Bale, I’m putting my $0.02 suggestion right here – Batman : The Dark Knight – the musical.  Or maybe a Terminator music video?  The latter seems like it’d probably cost too much, but I think The Dark Knight might be attainable.

Finally, this you just can’t make up: a chinese business man staged a contest for his five mistresses to see which one he would keep.  One of the five drove herself and the other four off a cliff.  Then the business man pays off the family of the one mistress that dies, his wife divorces him, and the other four mistresses leave him.  Here are some choice quotes:

Married businessman, hit by economic downturn, decides to keep only one mistress, Man stages private talent contest without telling mistresses his intention, First woman to be knocked out drove car over cliff with lover, other mistresses, inside.

The judge knocked out Yu (one of the mistresses) in the first round of the competition based on her looks. Angry, she decided to exact revenge by telling her lover and the four other women to accompany her on a sightseeing trip before she returned to her home province, the media reports said. It was during the trip that Yu reportedly drove the car off the cliff.

Fan shut down his company after the crash and paid Yu’s parents 580,000 yuan ($84,744) as compensation for her death. The four other women left him, as did his wife when she learned of the affairs.

Let that be a lesson to those of you who want to keep five mistresses around – if you’re going to run this sort of competition, at least get MTV to air it as a reality TV show – that way they’ll have to sign contracts and will get kicked off the show if they try to pull a stunt like this.

Let me leave you with a car-falls-off-cliff bad day story of a totally different nature:

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