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When the going gets tough, the dogs get going

July 29th, 2009 11:46pm by flipvine

Dogs pee – nothing special here. But every once in a while they get creative and this ladies and gentlemen, borders on .. art? For instance, take a look at Chester, the incredible peeing dog. I’m quite sure the dog’s trying to write something, but I’m no expert in graffiti, so I can’t quite make it out:

889159We already covered the upside-down peeing pug. I finally found the original story about this pug, named “Baby”, from China no-less, but I am quite sure Chester has .. umm.. a leg up on the competition.

76758For the more adventurous pet owners, there’s also the alternative – Doggie Bags and The Indoor Dog Restroom. I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to picture what happens when Chester or “Baby” attempt to use these stop-gap measures. ;)

computer-peeThe best story, ever, is this one about a dog shutting down the operations of a small company by peeing on their computer rack.

After taking her small lap dog to the vet on her day off Stint stopped by Action Tools to pick up her first paycheck. She sat her dog down to talk to another employee in the back office. While the dog was unattended it walked over to the company’s small floor computer rack server and did its business all over the set up.

Heh, what a relief.

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