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The New and Improved Firefox Logo

July 1st, 2009 12:31am by groggrog

firefox-512Anthony Piraino from the Iconfactory is the mastermind behind the conception of the new Firefox icon.  The revitalized icon is primarily based on the work done by Jon Hicks and Stephen Horlander.  The icon of course is an updated version of the old icon itself.

The old Firefox icon was developed by none other than Jon Hicks based on the sketches provided by Stephen DesRoches and the creation was under the direction of Daniel Burka and Steven Garrity. If you are one with a strong designing background you may be interested in the history of the Firefox icon development. If so, you can get the whole story at the Firefox’s creative brief.

Although I would have gone with something a bit more saucier.


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4 Responses to “The New and Improved Firefox Logo”

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  2. popzikle says:

    LOL … If only that was animated.

  3. Deraj says:

    LoL. If only an icon based how a browser performed in a ACID test…

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