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Grandpa said knock you out!

July 1st, 2009 04:05pm by stultzie

0,,6697308,00Meet Gregory McCalium.

This 23 year old got dropped by 71 year old Frank Corti of Oxford, UK, after breaking into his home.

“Mr Corti said he was woken in the middle of the night by noises in his house and was confronted by the knife-wielding McCalium when he went to investigate. He said McCalium “took a slash” at him, but Mr Corti ducked and threw two big right hooks at the lout.”

Corti proceeded to preform a citizens arrest while he waited for police to arrive, and McCalium was then sentenced to four and a half years in jail. I can only imagine what his cell mates are going  to do to him upon hearing he was manhandled by a granddaddy.

You, sir, have failed!


on a completely unrelated note, check out THE TALE OF THE CRACK FOX.
I just stumbled upon it and it made me EL OH EL


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5 Responses to “Grandpa said knock you out!”

  1. flipvine says:

    Oh good lord, the things you find stultzie, I’ve certainly missed you.. finding them.. and posting them here..

    As far as the crack fox goes – umm… thank god the BBC still makes original shows. :-D

  2. sinkpock says:

    This kid is now a jail-wide human cock ring

  3. groggrog says:

    Isn’t this on Comedy Central now? I’ve been wanting to watch this show…..

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