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2 Girls, One Body. My Ultimate Lesbian Experience

June 30th, 2009 11:46pm by groggrog

577059_124194946827You can’t make shit like this up.  America’s own two headed sweethearts have finally hit the big time.  Born March 7th 2009, this blonde duo would make for the perfect threesome.  Just imagine the possibilities!  Whether it’s dual pearl necklaces, fucking their neck cleavage, or plain old taking them from behind, grabbing them by the hair, and riding them like a two headed demon from hell, I’m totally ready for the rest of this porn story to unfold.  Midget porn is so Web 1.0!

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One Response to “2 Girls, One Body. My Ultimate Lesbian Experience”

  1. flipvine says:

    Umm, sir, you link to a picture that you suggest is a “two-headed” creature.. unfortunately, its got three heads.. false advertising my friend, false advertising.

    Otherwise: Who said head? I’ll take some of that.

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