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Throw Your Set Up

June 28th, 2009 12:33pm by sinkpock
My Gang Sign Is On The Bottom Right

My Gang's Sign Is On The Bottom Right.

Represent, 80 Whole Dollars And A Mangina

Represent, 80 Whole Dollars And A Mangina

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5 Responses to “Throw Your Set Up”

  1. sinkpock says:

    execute all signs in one sitting = win

    with both hands = ultra win

  2. flipvine says:

    ahahahaha.. oh my god, that’s hillarious..

    did you see popzikle’s spocker motivational poster?

  3. [...] on the trail of sinkpock’s post about gang signs that have some sort of relation to “the shocker”, I present to you a [...]

  4. stultzie says:

    …the ace of spades in his bandanna is a …nice touch?

  5. flipvine says:

    waaaaaaaittttt.. is that the guy from Motorhead?

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