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rare blooming of dutch ‘penis plant’

June 27th, 2009 10:31pm by stultzie

“A giant plant which is named for its phallic shape and smells like a rotting corpse has begun to bloom in the Netherlands for the first time since it was planted 11 years ago”

“[The plant] will produce a burgundy red blossom with a giant phallic shape jutting out of it and a pungent fragrance designed to attract beetles to aid pollination”

11 years ago? Goddamn!

…and when have you ever heard the odor of a ‘rotting corpse’ described as a ‘pungent fragrance’? Oh, the Dutch.

In case you’re wondering what this penis plant looks like, as I was, here are some pictures that I found on good ol google image:


(please note the size of the man in comparison to the size of the plant)


…and here it is fully errect.

Or ‘in bloom’, in a more technical sense.

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One Response to “rare blooming of dutch ‘penis plant’”

  1. flipvine says:

    yeah, the dutch have a thing about odor.. eating rotting fish is a past-time there from what i understand

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