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Cop calls minor a ‘kitchen bitch’

June 21st, 2009 04:50am by stultzie

Nothing quite like a  cop with a condescending sense of humor! It’s not like you see that every day…

I’ve selected the most noteworthy aspects of the article to share here, as I realize many of  you are only on this page for a quick cheap thrill. If you are interested in the full story, as if there’s really all  that much to say, I have provided a link for swift simple blog hopping. Should you feel so inclined, click ‘kitchen bitch’ to find out more.

A highway patrol officer has admitted writing “kitchen bitch” as the occupation of a Greymouth teenager on an infringement ticket he issued her.

“I told him I was a kitchen hand and part-time chef. I never said I was a ‘kitchen bitch‘.”

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2 Responses to “Cop calls minor a ‘kitchen bitch’”

  1. flipvine says:

    Wait, and her name is “Ms Butters” lmao

  2. stultzie says:

    …i somehow missed that, actually

    good eye!

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