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June 20th, 2009 06:29pm by stultzie


A few days  ago, while checking my facebook stalkerfeed, I became aware of a new trend of abbreviations (or abbrevs as I will henceforth refer to them as). Suddenly everyone had a status that contained some sort of gripe followed by, “FML”. After reflecting VERY briefly on what a FML was, it became fairly obvious that it stood for, ‘Fuck My Life’. I immediately thought, ‘yeah fuck your life, sucks to be fucking simple’. I mean, is it really too difficult to write out in full? Can’t the gripe alone convey that your life is shit?

Just as I had become numb to the overwhelming presence of FMLs another pathetic abbrev began flooding my feeds. This new abbrev, this overwhelming and stupid epidemic, the HBD, made me want to rip someone’s lungs out; sounds like a an STD or some other awesome disease.  ‘Happy BirthDay’ is apparently too difficult for people to deal with typing these days. Like,  let me get this straight, you’re supposed to be a friend… and a phone call is too time consuming? And texting takes too much effort? Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of  the facebook happy birthday post too, but never will I EVER wish someone a HBD.

Now some of you may be thinking, ‘what does any of this have to do with clouds eating angels’?

Doesn’t have shit to do with it…

I just enjoy the concept.


if you’re a HBD-er, you deserve to  be eaten by clouds too. it’s a fact.

(and now it has everything  to do with it)

C:\Users\Angel of Death\Desktop\itsthebestiveevereaten.gif

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4 Responses to “FML?”

  1. justin says:

    facebook culture is starting to get out of control, and its also starting to wildly annoy the balls off of me. awesome picture.

  2. Deraj says:

    RoFl @ Cloud people.

    nxt May ill txt u HBD ;D

  3. Adam says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH – This is some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a while ! I was in a horrible mood while reading this post and I actually laughed my ass off ! Thank you for that Stultzie :)

    So true, what is the world coming to? Abbreviations for HBD- happy birthday? I agree, don’t bother putting that on my facebook wall in a month when it’s my birthday – almost a slap in the face that a person would even consider doing so !

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